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Our original site started in 1998 was hosted by Liturgical Publications (now Pastoral Solutions).

stbonifaceonline.com was created in June 2005 as a means of getting the word out on the Oral History project, which was created as a gift to the people of St. Boniface to share with their families and friends. It is continued today as a resource for family, friends and the world at large, to share the story of this historic faith community.

Special thanks

Hildegarde Dierker Eiler, who provided much of the needed historical information used on this site.

Sr. Marie Charles Buford, CSJ, director, Carondelet Community Betterment Federation

St. Louis Public Library, Carondelet Branch

Jenni Brandel Owens, who suggested the Reunions section

Michael Gregory, who suggested the Genealogy section

Dan Schneider, who got me inspired to start the Weddings section with those great photos he scanned in for his sisters.

Our many other contributors. Thank you for sharing your memories with me and allowing me to share them with everyone else out there. I am honored by you and hope I can honor you by keeping this site alive with all sorts of interesting multimedia material.


Harris, NiNi, A History of Carondelet, Southern Commercial Bank publication, 1991.

Hewes Toft, Carolyn, Carondelet: The ethnic heritage of an urban neighborhood, Washington University, 1975.

Wayman, Norbury L., History of St. Louis Neighborhoods: Carondelet, St. Louis Community Development Agency, 1979.

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