Where is it? The heritage of St. Boniface

Many people have asked me if I knew whatever happened to this or that. I have done some research (St. Stephen's bulletins, phone calls, etc.) so here's the list of what went where.

Many thanks to the parishes noted below for making these items available to the public.

Item(s) Current location
Baptismal font and 4 marble holy water fonts St. John the Evangelist, downtown St. Louis
Nativity set St. Joseph, Kimmswick, MO (Jefferson County)
Mary and St. Joseph statues St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, South County
Infant of Prague statue Cor Jesu Academy, St. Louis
Crucifix, St. Ann, Sacred Heart statues Whereabouts unknown--for sale in 2005
Organ Cure of Ars, Shrewsbury
Tabernacle St. Stephen's chapel (former Sts. Mary & Joseph), St. Louis
Stained glass windows Archdiocesan storage- information pending
St. Boniface, St. Louis murals for sale
funeral pall, chalice, paten and large wooden cross brought on June 30, 2005 to St. Stephen
Grotto statues (Our Lady, Bernadette)

Items were for sale. May have been sold.

 Large St. Boniface statue reported to be located at St. Boniface parish, Germantown, IL


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